Binding Services

Give your quilt the professional finish it deserves

Options and Prices:

  • Minimum charge: $30
  • Square and trim your quilt: included
  • Make binding from your fabric
    • Straight-grain: included
    • Bias: add $0.03 per inch
  • Finishes
    • Machine Topstitch: $0.18 per inch
    • Machine Ditch-stitch: $0.20 per inch
    • Hand stitch: $0.25 per inch
  • Attach only: if you want to finish the binding yourself, I will machine stitch the binding to either the front or back for only $0.12 per inch

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  • Topstitch binding – the topstitched side can be on the front or back.
  • A stitch line will be visible on the quilt about 1/8″ from the binding edge

  • Ditch-stitch binding – the finish stitching is almost invisible on the face.
  • The visible stitch line on the back is about 1/8″ from the binding edge.

  • Neatly mitered corners — no snouts!
  • Miters are folded away from each other for a clean flat appearance.