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Weekend Project: T-shirt Throw

  • Download Pre-Class Prep instructions.
  • Equipment & Tools
    Zig-zag sewing machine
    Walking foot
    15 1/2” square ruler (“June Tailor T-Transformationrecommended)
    Cutting mat (at least 18” on both sides)
    Rotary cutter with new blade
    Ball-point or Jersey needles size 80/12
    60-72” long metal ruler (optional)
    Fabric scissors
    Seam ripper
  • Materials
    10-20 Tee shirts
    Sewing thread in colors to match or neutrals to blend with tee colors
    New washable clear glue stick
    Backing fabric: fleece or knit fabric recommended, enough to make 60×75” back
    Liquid Fabric starch (optional, for prep)